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Thank you to @WorldBeyondWar #NoWar2018 conference in Toronto. It was worth the travel woes to be with you and thank you for sending me off with a standing ovation. We have much to celebrate with Korea! So great to be with @medeabenjamin @achesonray @AnnWright46 @WomenCrossDMZ


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[Photo] China lifts travel ban to Korea for group tours in Shanghai region : International : News : The Hankyoreh

But the Supreme Leader’s grandson, Kim Jong-un, shifted up a few gears with the slogan ‘ mallima speed ’ – a 10-time increase. His sloganeering has borne some results, with showpiece apartment towers on Pyongyang’s Ryomong Street opening in 2017 after only a year of construction. This begs the question of whether the roots of ppalli-ppalli culture go deeper than the modern era. Kim wagers that they do. “Building and construction in the historic past were also completed ahead of schedule,” he writes, quoting the construction of Hwaseong in Suwon as an example. This grand fortress, recognised as a Unesco World Heritage site , was finished seven years early, in 1796, and remains in excellent condition. Similarly, one wonders if the exquisite celadon of the Goryeo dynasty (918-1392) was created on the potter’s wheel with the same efficiency that characterises Korean productions today. Manual dexterity and artistic mastery were certainly prized in the 16th Century, when the calligrapher Han Seok-bong painted Chinese characters in a range of scripts, including a vigorous cursive. Painting lines of poetry without lifting brush from paper requires absolute control – and speed. View image of Anthropologist Kim Choong-soon believes the roots of ppalli-ppalli culture go deeper than the modern era (Credit: Credit: Matt C. Crawford) Though few South Koreans can wield a brush these days, many have developed extremely agile thumbs.

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